“The Light in Norwegian Nature” – An exhibition of paintings whose theme is the light in Norwegian nature.

Gallery Old Eidsfos opens its doors for the first time this year on Saturday 13 June. The gallery has chosen visual artist Øystein Edvardsen from Sande, to be the first exhibitor of the year. He has Norwegian nature as theme in many of his pictures. This is a different summer, where many Norwegians want to holiday in Norway and experience the beautiful Norwegian nature.
The exhibition opens at 12 noon on Saturday, June 13, and is open 4 days a week, Thursday-Sunday at. From 12.00 to 17.00. Last exhibition day is Sunday 28 Jun

Photo: Øystein Edvardsen “Skogsti” (“Forest Path”)

“I want to quote Asbjørnsen and Moe,” Øystein Edvardsen says: “When the world opposes me, and it rarely fails to do when given a chance, I have always found myself by taking an outdoor walk that dampens my worry and turmoil ». He continues: “The point is not pretty postcard images, but to stop and remind oneself of the power that lies inherent in nature, and to allow it to work on our bodies and our minds. Allowing the energy that lies in the light and the complementary contrasts of the peculiar Norwegian nature, is essential for human well-being and harmony ”.
Øystein Edvardsen works from a classic figurative point of view, emphasizing light as the most important factor in the composition. He grew up in Nittedal, with the forest as a source of inspiration. Man must return to nature to find depth in himself and his own personality. His studies of nature mediate the harmony of the original creation. Many of his motives are based on impressions from his walks in Norwegian national parks. In addition to his technical education, he has his artistic education from Olav Mosebekk drawing school, Oslo School of Art and Atelier Nord.