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The cultural trail offers a nice walk including history and scenery. Bring a map from the tourist office at the Post Museum in Bråtagata, or follow the arrows.

  1. Downtown. Tavern, Country store, Exhibitions, Post office museum / tourist information, toilets
  2. The old school at Hauane. The museum exhibition about Rakel Seweriin
  3. The industrial area. Galleries, Molene knit shop and the Ironworks Museum
  4. The festival area. The stage, Eidsfoss hall, the old communal bath and the power plant.
  5. Eidsfoss manor. Crocus, Restaurant, Café and events.
  6. Eidsfoss church. Path to Eidsfoss manor.
  7. The Street. The castle and the Bettum workshop.
  8. Pusserstallen. Concerts, events and playground.
  9. Kølabånn. The steamship Stadshauptmand Schwartz. M / S Eikern. Toilets.


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