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Paintings, Jewelery, Ointments and Creams

In “The Castle”, a whitewashed brick building facing the red workers’ houses in Gata 14, you will find the Atelier Slottet, where Hanne Gunnestads has an open gallery 12 to 5 pm on Sundays from 28 May and when the sign is out. Gunnestad offers paintings, drawings, handmade jewellery, herbal creams and other handmade products. The building was built around 1770 in gray stone and slag. Originally this was a worker’s residence, and in the 1920s it became a common laundry for the workers living in the vicinity.




Open 12-4pm on Sundays from 1 June, and otherwise when the sign is outside.

For more info, contact Hanne Gunnestad


phone: 0047 95818675


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