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Art and Sculptures in the Back Alley

In “The Back Alley” behind the Factory by the car park in the middle of town, you will find the workplaces and exhibition rooms of some of the local artists. The works of Harald Oredam can be viewed outside his studio. Oredam is one of the country’s most renowned sculptors, and is among other things, behind the sculpture “Earth Music” outside Oslo Concert Hall.

Painters Helge Midtgarden, Evy Hermansen (Gallery E.H.) and Wenche Rimeslåtten also have galleries here. Call for private viewing. The galleries in the back alley are open during event weekends or if the signs are out.



Open during event weekends and when signs are put up. At other times, contact the artists:

Harald Oredam: 992 62 665

Helge Midtgarden. 913 07 863.

Wenche Rimeslåtten. 909 51 921.

Evy Hermansen. 905 23 456.

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