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On this site, we find the remains of the romantic landscape park that the ironworks owner-couple Christine Marie and Peder von Cappelen established around 1800. A path from their home at Eidsfos Manor house, took you down to this semicircular patio, kept in place by a simple stone edge. This place is still called “Lund”, a name that refers to the landscape park, an example of a refined piece of nature, an Arcadia. Ideas from landscape painting were, among other things, used to create picturesque scenarios, which could be experienced from paths and terraces. From Lund, the ironworks owners and their guests could enjoy the view over Lake Eikern. Other features in the park included a simple bathing pavilion and a small artificial grotto by the now lost Hammer creek. The music pavilion was built in 1958, and many social and cultural events have been taking place here since.


This Picture is taken around 1900, at the end of an era when the bourgeoisie cultivated nature as a Place for reflecting over the great issues in life.

The woman on the Picture is Else Marie Backe, and was taken during a sunday walk to Sagkollen, the hill opposite from Bråtagata. Nevertheless, it shows some of the feeling that you should get in here at Lund.

Hand colored by Bjørn Vangen.

Below is a film made by Christian Erik Nordby 

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