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The foundation EIS (Eidsfoss Industrial-historical Collections) is a museum foundation formed in 1990. It’s sole purpose is to illuminate the history of the ironworks at Eidsfoss. In a warehouse from the 1880s by lake Eikeren, you will find many examples of products produced here and learn about the economic, technological and social developments of the ironworks industrial site Eidsfoss through 300 years.

An exhibition called “Glimpses from ironworks production and stove casting at Eidsfoss” is developed by Vestfold municipality Museum (Vemu), who is also engaged in mapping and disseminating the Eidsfoss history in general. This is done in cooperation with EIS and the other foundations at Eidsfoss, through activities like tin casting, lectures and educational programs for schools. Visit the museum’s homepage for more information:



Geir Buan. Phone: 0047 98207420


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