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Welcome to the good life. Enjoy food and drinks in a historic environment at the tavern, an ice cream at the country store, have a peek at galleries or museums or take a nice stroll along the cultural path and learn more about the history of a Norwegian ironworks through 300 years. If your thirst for knowledge isn’t quenched by that, you can order a tour with one of our experienced guides.

The old industrial site Eidsfoss has a beating heart for cultural and histroic events, which you can experience if you come by during one of the many events, such as the Pentecoast gatheringthe Eidsfoss music festival, the geology gathering the Stone gathering or some of the other markets, lectures or conserts that take place throughout the year.

Different museum-exhibitions tell different stories from the past, like a worker woman’s life 100 years ago or products and processes at the ironworks through the centuries. The small post office museum is open in weekends during the summer and we offer free tours at scheduled hours. Art galleries are found in some of the historic buildings. Read more about what you can do at Eidsfoss here.

Detailed information is continously posted here and on social media. We also put up signs and posters on site.

Contact Eidsfoss Development for more information or to order a tour.

Phone: 95125593

E-mail: or

Photo: Kurt Evensen, Tønsberg Kamera Klubb (TKK)

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