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You find several beaches in close proximity to Eidsfoss. Due to differences in size and depth, the locals call lake Bergsvannet “the warm lake” and Eikern “the cold lake”.

The most popular sites for bathing around Eidsfoss are:

  • Gatalanda in Lake Bergsvannet, close to workers homes at “Gata”. Parking toilets only 25 meters from a small sandy beach. Mostly pleasant water temperatures throughout the summer.
  • Verkstedstranda by Eidsfos Hall. Nice area, sand beach and parking nearby.
  • Kølabånn. Ideal for pier-jumping.
  • Thorrud Camping. Many fine sites by the camping site.
  • Sandvik. Accessible by boat. Ask a local.

Are you wondering where the different beaches are, ask the staff at Eidsfos country store while enjoying an ice cream.

Call 0047 33 05 92 22


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