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At Eidsfos country store you will find almost all the things you need on a daily basis. It is a real old-school ironmongery store. You know the kind that has everything. It is also a local rendevouz, with cozy tables both outside and inside the store. In season, produce mostly come from regional farms.

Eidsfos country store is Norway’s oldest that is still in business. It was established by the ironworkers in 1868, and for its first 20 years, the store was a cooperative, based on the principles stated by the Rochdale pioneers. These ideas came to Eidsfoss with the English ownership 1865-1873.

Opening hours: 

Summers: Monday-Saturday 09.00-20.00 (Sunday 10.00-20.00)
Winters: Monday-Friday 09.00-20.00 (Saturday-Sunday 10.00-18.00)


Call 0047 33059222 or send an Email

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Photo: Kurt Evensen, Tønsberg Kamera Klubb (TKK)

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