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The Shed is a charmy, small boutique that offers art glass, ceramics, weave products, wrought iron and more. The gallery is in Eidsfoss “city center”, where the river Eid runs into lake Eikern. Grethe Flannum, who runs the gallery, became interested in weaving in 1975, and was among the first to sell arts and crafts at Eidsfoss. Grethes first shop was in the the old laundry by the Tavern, where Ugly Woodworks resides today.

Grethe rugs and runners are well composed in colors and design. The materials are cotton, silk, linen and velour. She has exhibited in many Norwegian galleries and in 2002 she was the main festival artist during Holmestrands 250 years anniversary.


Gallery the Shed is open when the sign is out.

For more info: Call Grethe Flannum  ph. 959 15 549. adr. Odins vei 6, 3095 Holmestrand,


Visit the Shed on Facebook.

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