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The Old Post Office in Bråtagata also serves as tourist information. Drop in for a chat and view the Exhibition for free!

How long has it been since you were inside a good old post office, with stamps and forms for deposits or mail giro even? Inside this tiny museum in Bråtagata (Garden street), time has been frozen at a point when all this was a natural part of our everyday life. It might not feel like long ago for most of us, but for young people this really is back in the days.

Bring someone that hasn’t experienced a time far away from digitization or “the paperless society”, and send an old-school letter from the world’s smallest museum in the world’s smallest town.

The museum is open 12-5 p.m. until august 16, and weekends in september.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at 0047 330 57 135

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