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Eidsfos manor was built in the late 18th century, and has been a listed cultural heritage for almost a century. Today it is mainly a banquet facility, a popular place to celebrate life’s big events. The short distance to Eidsfos Church makes the manor particularly suited for weddings.

When the house isn’t rented out, the restaurant is open for business. Every pentecoast and summer, Eidsfos Manor Foundation hosts art exhibitions in the Cavalier wing. The Baroque lunch takes place during the Eidsfoss festival one of the last weekends in june and during Halloween, children and their families are welcome to a night of Dread and Horror, with scary stories and the carving of pumpkin heads. During big occations, bread is baked in the old stone oven.

An appartment in the Cavalier wing, with room for 6, is available for rent. Read more here

The restaurant has a capasity for 20-190 people.

Interior Eidsfos manor restaurant. Photo: Erik Tandberg. TKK

For ordering and other questions:

Helmut Hammerl: 0047 466 36 038 or Email


Eidsfos manor home page

Read more about the buildings history

Photo: Vidar Askland. Interior: Erik Tandberg, Tunsberg Camera Club (TKK)

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