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In Eidsfoss works old dining hall, you find an aikido, yoga and pilates studio that offers nourishment for body and mind. The dining hall offers training for everyone, with instructors with experience in individual training.

A Varied Workout

Yoga is a mental and physical form of exercise that originated in India. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “union” in its most common interpretation. Different forms of yoga have emerged over thousands of years as part of a spiritual practice. Nowadays, western yoga is primarily presented as a form of physical exercise with elements of mindfulness and meditation. Modern yoga comes in many forms, but its common features are that it is good for both body and soul. With a background in various forms of yoga, the Dining Hall offers a variety from calm, relaxing to more dynamic and physically challenging classes. Yoga training is a good supplement to other training.

Pilates is a form of strength training with a focus on breathing, stability and body control. It has many elements in common with yoga, but resembles more traditional strength training. In pilates, the main focus is core muscles and strengthens the body, increases mobility and coordination. Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art that trains the mind as well as the body. The training suits the vast majority of people regardless of gender, age and physique. Aikido develops mind, center, focus and presence and at the same time coordination and fitness. Level can be adapted to individual needs. Through this training, you will also benefit from Aikido in your daily life.

Do you have something you would like to offer in Eidsfoss? Or are you looking to rent a suitable premises? We will make the premises available to others who want to offer activities that can fit in with us. Welcome to working out in the heart of Eidsfoss!

The dining hall offers workshops and events for young and old. It is a studio with a varied offer that creates creativity, commitment and unity! Follow the the dining Hall’s group on Facebook or Call Kristin Selstrøm Moe on 0047 93260404 for more information or booking.

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