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Eidsfos Manor House was built as a representative home for the ironworks’ owner and his family. The house probably was built in it’s present form, sometime in the second half of the 18th century. It has been listed as a protected cultural heritage since 1923. It’s been run as a banquet facility and restaurant since the 1990s.

The foundation was established in 1990, and Eidsfos Verk, the County and Vestfold municipality contributed financially. Its capital consists of the main buidling, side buildings and a 36 daa park. Its primary task is to maintain the facilities and make sure the manor stays a living cultural heritage. 

Phone. 0047 900 76 191 E-mail:

The foundation’s home page

The restaurant. Booking and catering
Phone: 0047 45 955 262/ 0047 46 636 038

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