FIXED SPACE – Hilde Herming about women on plinths

Welcome to Eidsfoss tavern on the international women’s day march 8th.

This friday, initiator and project manager for “Fixed Place” and “Where did the ladies go?”, Hilde Herming, comes to Eidsfoss, to tell about projects that promote women in the public space.

Fredag 8. mars på Eidsfoss kommer Hilde Herming (Holmestrand), initiativtaker og prosjektleder for «Fast Plass» og «Hvor ble det av damene», til Eidsfoss, for å fortelle om prosjektene som løfter frem kvinner i det offentlige rom.

No one comes from a place without women. But when we study cities and places based on the memory landscape that honors influential people and events, the stories of women are underrepresented. Why are most roads, places, buildings and monuments in the public domain mainly named after men? How does this affect the understanding of our collective identity and cultural heritage?

The book “Fixed Space – Norwegian women on plinths” was released in 2017. It is mainly a documentation of memorials over historical women throughout Norway. Along the way, several questions that didn’t fit the book appeared, These issues were explored further in “Where did all the ladies go?” – an analysis of Kongsvinger from a women’s perspective, which proposed a physical women’s memorial.

Several strong women have stand out at Eidsfoss too. We can mention Karen Toller, Christine Marie von Cappelen, Elise Christensen, Rakel Seweriin as som examples from the Eidsfoss history.

“Fixed Space” is a collaboration between Hilde Herming and Nora Ceciliedatter Nerdrum, Marte Aas (Photo), Kristin Brandtsegg Johansen (author) and Norwegian Art Associations, with articles by Olga Schmedling (Dr. Philos and associate professor in art theory, KHIO) and Helge Jordheim (Professor, cultural history and museology, UiO).

“Where have all the ladies gone?” is a collaboration between Hilde Herming, Ane Landfald (artist), Karl Marius Sveen (Kaels making space), Norwegian Art Associations, the Women’s Museum and Kongsvinger Kunstforening.

The event is open to everyone. Entrance kr. 50, -, cash or Vipps in the door

There will be room for questions and discussion! Sale of the book «Fast Plass» (Fixed Space) after the event, kr. 200, – (399, – in store). ”