Concert with Torgeir Waldemar and lecture at the Hall after speeches

After the parade from Varden has arrived at Verkstedstranda, and all of the speeches and ice cream are done, we suggest you take in a lecture and a concert at the old assembly house Eidsfoss hall. Frank Meyer from Kongsberg mining museum talks about truancy, drunkenness, theft and revolt at Næs ironworks. Afterwards, Torgeir Waldemar plays his sensitive, unpolished and brutally honest Americana. Entrance to Eidsfoss Hall: 150 -, only vipps.

Welcome to May Day at Eidsfoss.


At 1pm: train from Varden to Hallen with battle cries, flags, banners and posters – feel free to bring your own!

At 1.20pm: Eidsfoss Landhandel, Hof Hornmusikk plays, the Internationale singalong

2 pm: Speeches, ice cream for the children and activities at Verkstedstranda. Coffee and cakes/ice cream for sale

4 pm: Lecture with Frank Meyer in the Hall “Truancy, Drunkenness, Theft and Revolt at Næs ironworks”.

5pm: Concert with Torgeir Waldemar

Frank Meyer: “Truancy, Drunkenness, Theft and Revolt at Næs ironworks”

Frank Meyer, Kongsberg bergverksmuseum tells from the workers’ history at Næs. The ironworks experienced good economic times from the mid-18th century. At the same time, the differences in the material living conditions between the “top” and “bottom” of working society increased. How did the workers react to this development? With the background of Næs ironworks’ justice protocol, Frank Meyer tells about the workers’ different reactions in the face of higher work pressure and a dramatic deterioration in the living conditions of the workers’ families. Meyer is a German-Norwegian historian with a long career in both the archive and museum sector in Norway, as from the University of Oslo (2001) and dr.phil. from the University of Greifswald (1997). He has been first archivist and headed the National Archives in Oslo and the Workers’ archive and library with editorial responsibility for the journal Worker’ history. He held a professorship at Oslo University College and worked as historian and project manager at Næs jernverksmuseum in Tvedestrand.

Torgeir Waldemar: Intimate concert

Torgeir Waldemar has played at SXSW in Austin, Texas, toured Europe, filled Rockefeller and played for a packed audience at The Norwegian Opera with strings, bands and dancers. Now Torgeir removes all unnecessary equipment and travels alone with no other company than a banjo and a guitar. The Norway tour starts in September and Waldemar will visit clubs and cultural centers, in villages and towns, throughout the autumn. Join us for an intimate evening of sensitive, but unpolished and brutally honest Americana. Direct, sincere and unadorned, are words to describe Torgeir Waldemar.