A scary Night at Eidsfoss Manor

Autumn is upon us, with ever longer evenings and colder weather, and on Saturday 30. October at 5-8 p.m. Vestfold Museums invite you to an eerie evening for the whole family at the old ironworks-owner’s manor and garden.

Take part in many exciting and gruesome activities, such as carving pumpkin candles, witch workshop, storytime, ghost walk and other exciting activities. Remember to arrive early, so you have time to be part of everything.

What many people know as Halloween is a long-standing European tradition. The night before the first Sunday in November has been marked as the time when the distinction between our logical world and the ghostly communion is at its weakest. What happens after dark? Do you see a pale face in the dark? Is the waltz of the dead underway? Is it true that the white lady is going again? In the light of a small lantern so much can happen…

Entrance: Kr. 100 pr. adult / 50 per child. Family price: 200, – (applies to parents and children). Buy your tickets here:


Tickets can also be purchased at the door, we take cash or credit cards.