Sarahkkas – Sami indigenous festival 16-18 June​

Sáráhkká’s Sami indigenous festival is a place where people meet across cultures. There will be concerts with well-known Sami artists. Georg Buljo is a joiker, musician and composer. Kajsa Balto’s primordial power meets the modern in her soulful musical expression. Elin & The woods, the Sami singer/composer and joiker Elin Kåven is from Karasjok. Lars Henrik Blind from Karesuando, traditional joiker from Sápmi, and Xavier Valverde is a Bolivian singer and poet. Meet the group Xavier Valverde Quarteto.
In line with Sami culinary tradition, food is made from scratch. The Sami traditional feast meal bidoš is served at the cafe all weekend. You can buy vegetarian food, cakes, coffee and soft drinks. There are many exciting personalities coming. Máret Rávdná Buljo was born into a reindeer herding family. She will hold a workshop on Sami food traditions. “And honor blood and bones”. According to Máret Rávdna, there is much to be learned, both ethics and sustainability, in the Sami food culture. She is the youngest so far to win Ingrid Espelid Hovig’s food culture prize.
How about learning Greenlandic mask dance with Elisabeth Heilmann Blind? The tradition of “Uaajerneq” mask dance is 3000-4000 years old. Agnete Kristoffersen is a senior researcher. She gives lectures as Sami folk medicine. Do you want to learn to joike? Ingá Márja Sarre, actor and joik from Kautokeino, teaches primal voice, joik course. Or how about joining the Sol ceremony with Sol from Colombia. There will be a water ceremony for Mother Earth with Maori shaman Erena and Jessica Ullevålseter. There will be a panel debate on the sacred in nature. What is sacred in nature in the Sami and what is sacred in the Nordic with Professor Per Ingvar Haukeland and others present. At the festival, there will be a dialogue about environmental protection with Jonas Kittelsen and others.

This year’s theme: The sacred in nature

This year’s festival is all about rediscovering the primitive culture’s relationship with nature by focusing on Mother Earth, animals, plants and all life that is connected with creation and production. How does today’s modern man experience nature? How does our inner nature relate to the outer landscape? At the festival you can share your experiences with others. Here you have the opportunity to create, bring joy or just be in the moment.

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