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Opening of the Ore road 18 June at 1-3 PM

Opening of the old road between the iron ore mines and the ironworks – hiking, lectures and entertainment

Some of the most important mines for the Eidsfoss ironworks were located in the Konnerud field. The transport of ore went by boat and rail, but also by road to Eidsfoss. Hof history association has, in collaboration with Konnerud history association, cleared and marked this old road, and put up information signs. The event marks the opening on 18 June. Meet up at the Nikkerud mines at Konnerud 9 o’clock Saturday morning. From here, we will be walking to Skulkerud, where there will be lectures and music, and the sale of food and drink at 1-3 PM. Then the trip continues to Eidsfoss, for those who can. The entourage will probably arrive there at 4-5ish.  If you do not want to walk this relatively long way, you can meet up at Thorrud camping at 11 AM. Here it will be possible to be driven to Skulkerud, where the opening event starts at 1 AM. It is also possible to join the bus from the start at Konnerud to Skulkerud, with or without return. Report in advance to Hans Peter Fleischer, tel. 994 82597 send an email at

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