The Stone Gathering – a Dear Tradition

Friday July 19, this year’s Stone gathering kicks off for the twentyfirst time. It is free to enter, and the event draws hundreds of mineral collectors and interested people each year. The gathering includes a geology market, activities and exhibitions, and last for the whole weekend. Join a casting workshop with the Vestfold municipality museums at the ironworks museum saturday and sunday, where you  learn the most important principles behind the ovens they produced at Eidsfoss works for more than 250 years. The workshop costs 50 kroners, and you can bring the result home with you.

It is Norwegian Association of Amateur Geologists, in cooperation with Buskerud municipality Geology Association and Vestfold municipality Geology Association that is behind the event. The fairground is located by the power station from 1915, located alongside the assembly hall Eidsfoss hall in Markenrudveien in the south end of lake Eikern.