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Category: Aktueltsaker

New offer for outdoor enthusiasts at Eidsfoss. With its location between Eikere and Bergsvannet, Eidsfoss is a good starting point for a paddle. And now Active in Eidsfoss offers canoe rental! Go here for more information. Photo: Kyrre Hansen

“The Light in Norwegian Nature” – An exhibition of paintings whose theme is the light in Norwegian nature. Gallery Old Eidsfos opens its doors for the first time this year on Saturday 13 June. The gallery has chosen visual artist Øystein Edvardsen from Sande, to be the first exhibitor of the year. He has Norwegian […]

Winter’s most beautiful adventure at Eidsfoss Hovedgård. Drop by Eidsfoss manor and see the wonderful work that young people and artists have done. 16 tons of ice has been molded by 600 secondary school students from Holmestrand county and 3 artists have created a 50 meter long ice sculpture. The youngsters have each made their […]

Metoo and rape a year and a half later – what now? The March 8 event at Eidsfoss has for several years addressed themes with cultural historical and political perspectives on women’s history. This year, a much debated topic is on the agenda, as we have invited Stine-Marie Schmedling, social scientist and author of the […]

An Evening of Winsnes-inspired dishes and Music of the era Ironworks owners, the Cappelens, invite to an evening in their beautifully restored rooms at Eidsfos manor og Thursdat 24th october at 6 pm. Dishes inspired by 19th Century Author Hanna Winsnes is served while 19th century music is performed on historical instruments by the guitar […]

Get  scared at Eidsfos manor Welcome to scary fun for the whole family at Eidsfos manor on November 2, 5-8 pm. This saturday, Vestfold museums and Eidsfos manor invite you to a terribly scary evening for big and small children. Halloween, on the night to the first Sunday in November, has in the past been […]

Christmas carols in a historical setting The weekend of November 30-1. dec Norway’s smallest and coziest Christimas market takes place. Among the old buildings in the industrial area of Eidsfoss, exhibitors fill historic tents and stalls with crafts and locally produced food, music, shows and good old-fashioned Christmas decor. Find a unique Christmas gift for […]

Det skjer mye på Eidsfoss denne først høst-helgen, 7.-8. september. Kunsthåndverksmarked lørdag og søndag 12-18, og på lørdag fra 13 blir det 25-årsjubileumsfeiring på kroa, der Hengsrø smie spiller fra 19

Friluftstreff på Eidsfoss 24 august 11-19 er helt gratis. Masse som skjer for barn i alle aldre. Kanopadling, fisking, turer, quiz, skyting, spikking, mat på bål og annen utekos.

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