Official opening of The Iron Ore Road (Malmveien)

Skoger and Konnerud and Hof History associations (historielag), have in recent years reconstructed a more than 300-year-old transport route between Konnerud and Eidsfoss. During a 30-year period, ore was driven from the Nikkerud mines at Konnerud across Vestskauen to Eidsfos Verk in Hof during the winter. The route is now marked with a map, signs, arrows, QR codes and is GPS registered. Saturday 18 June 2022 at At 13.00 there will be an official opening together with the Norwegian Tourist Association (Den Norske Turistforeningen) and other invited teams and associations. Would you like to join in and get to know this exciting story? The hike starts in Konnerud at 9, and Skulkerud will be a “landing place” with rest and relaxation, information about Malmveien, Skulkerud and Eidsfoss ironworks. The sale of coffee, sausages and mineral water is paid for in cash or Vipps to 104981. It is an advantage to have a seat pad. You can either join a tour from Konnerud with tour leaders and a guide from Olsrud parking at Stubberud at 09.00 to Skulkerud, the trip takes approx. 3-4 hours/approx. 9 km.  When parking a car at Olsrud, a parking fee must be paid. Registration to Gunnar Wam, e-mail: Members of Drammen Tourist Association register directly with the association. The deadline for registration is Friday 10 June 2022.

Come directly to the opening event

If you do not want to join the tour from Konnerud, you can also come directly to the opening event from the Eikern side. Meet at Thorrud camping by 11 am. Then there will be carpooling with private cars to Skulkerud. After the opening event at 1pm, a guided hike to Thorrud/Eikern (approx. 9 km) is offered for those who do not depend on private cars to return.

Return home and registration

There is the possibility of transport by bus at 11.30 and return from Skulkerud to Andorsrud and Olsrud after the event, approx. at 3 p.m. There is no opportunity to use a private car, but the car can be parked at the barrier in Andorsrud for a parking fee. Registration by Friday 10 June 2022 for those who want transport to/from Skulkerud. Registration to Gunnar Wam, e-mail: for bus transport from Andorsrud and return to Andorsrud and Olsrud. Registration to Hans Peter Fleischer, e-mail: for transport by car from/to Thorrud. The event is free, but the bus costs NOK 100 each way to Skoger og Konnerud Historielag, Vipps 104981 or bank account no. 2310.21.21554 when registering. Questions about the event: Contact Hans Myhre – tel. 907 62 345