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In the Back Ally you will find a gallery, where Eidsfoss silversmith and painter Wenche Rimeslåtten offers their work. Torunn Samset has worked as a silversmith at the Folk Museum in Oslo, but has now moved to Eidsfoss, where she has a workshop and a shop. Stop by for a nice chat and experience great craftsmanship. Eidsfoss silver smithy is open from Wednesday to Sunday 12-17 (summer) until and including the autumn holidays 5-11 Oct. After that open Tuesday to Friday 11-16 to 18 Dec. But if the door is open and the sign is put out, Torunn’s forge is open, which is often the case when there are events and other things that happen at Eidsfoss. Go on to Eidsfoss Silversmiths home page for more information.

Se hjemmesiden til Eidsfoss sølvsmie for mer informasjon og bilder:

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