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Last weekend in october, you are invited to an experience that will brighten up your dark season. Since 1997 an Arts and Crafts market has been hosted at Eidsfoss, attracting exhibitors from around the country to display their work in the town’s galleries. Museums, Eidsfos Manor, the Tavern and Eidsfos general store are all open, and a lot is happening throughout Eidsfoss this weekend. Don’t miss this opportunity for a cultural excursion in historic and scenic environments.

Learn more about Eidsfoss’ exiting history at the ironworks museum, where you can see examples from more than 350 years of iron production. At the museum you can attend tin casting for the whole family and at the manor house, frightnening things will take place on saturday. Tag along if you are in the mood for scary stories and pumpkin soup.

Do you have questions or want to join as exhibitor?


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